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Helping athletes from across the state and around the country since 2006.


Olympic distance is set at 1500m swim, 40 km bike, and 10 km run.  International distance is double the Olympic distance.  My approach to coaching these events is short- and long-distance interval training at faster than race pace as well as the easy level of effort workouts including a portion at race pace/speed.

Training for an open water event in a pool is a challenge for these events but there are ways to incorporate sighting into the training and minimize/eliminate the push off from the wall after each lap which is something you will not be able to do on race day.

Clinical studies have shown that there is greater improvement when the recovery interval is continued activity at low level of effort vs. standing in place/hanging on to the wall while waiting for the next rep to start.  The training I will plan for you will incorporate the learning from those clinical studies.

A well-known coach once said, "If all we do is long, slow training, we just become long, slow competitors."  My approach to the longer weekend rides and runs is to have you do portions of them at race pace/speed.  I also include practicing the fueling and hydration plan you will use on race day into the longer distance training.  Brick workouts will include practicing your start and transitions.  Training plans can be based on pace/speed, power or Heart Rate Zones, or Level of Perceived Effort.

"David wrote me a plan for an Olympic distance tri but some family issues caused me to miss some key workouts.  He was able to adjust my plan to get me back on track and I did well on race day."

— Mary B., 42, mom of 3

Hi I just wanted to reach out say thanks for the great quality coaching service you provide your clients. We survey all of the athletes that inquire with TrainingPeaks about wanting to hire a coach and your name was mentioned in survey responses as being a great coach to work with. I appreciate the hard work as it also reflects well on the TrainingPeaks Coach Match service we offer to athletes.

I hope your business is going well and thanks again,
— Dirk Friel,, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist