Training Plans - I provide you a custom training plan for your "A" race or an annual plan that includes "B" and "C" priority events.  Unlike those "just for you" plans you can pay to get via the Internet, my plans are based upon inputs from you regarding your current training regimen, your time availability to train, and your goal race distance.  While most plans are communicated via TrainingPeaks, I can also  communicate the plan on other on-line tools such as Strava, or Google Calendar. as well as a paper copy.  Feedback from you during the time we are working together is used to make changes to the plan.

Bike Fit - Having your bike properly fitted for your riding style and race distance is necessary for improved performance.  Your set up for a Sprint distance event is not necessarily the same set up you need for a long course event.  If I you are a distance coaching client, I can still accomplish a bike-fit.  You will complete a  short  questionnaire about race distance, pain or discomfort when riding in feet, knees, back, or hands, and send me some easy to take video and measurements.  Having a proper bike fit will help you do better in the run.

Swim Form - If you are looking for improved performance on the swim portion of your Triathlon, I can help you even if I am not poolside.  You need not have an underwater camera.  With video of your swimming using the simple directions I provide, I can do an analysis of your swimming form and recommend drills to improve any weaknesses.

Running Form - There is no one running form that all runners need to have.   Each runner does have a running form that makes them the most efficient runner they can be.  With some video analysis, even if I am not the one doing the digital video recording, taking images similar to the examples I send you, I  can analyze your form and recommend drills and exercises to help areas in need of improvement. 

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