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sprint distance

This is perhaps the most popular of the Triathlon events.  USAT has not regulated the distance for each of the disciplines so each race may vary, but the swim is between 1/4 to 3/4 mile, the bike segment is 10 to 12 miles and the run is a 5K.

Whether you do this as part of a relay team or as an individual competitor, I can help you improve your performance in each of the disciplines as well as your T1 (swim to bike) and T2 (bike to run) transition times.  My coaching for this distance event involves short distance interval work in each of the disciplines to extend your lactate threshold and longer distance, easier level of effort training to develop your aerobic capacity.

Your training will include each of the disciplines with an emphasis on the discipline you or your race times have identified as the one needing the most work.  Training will include "brick" workouts (2 or all 3 disciplines in a single workout) as well as practicing transitions and starts.  Training plans can be based on pace/speed, Level of Perceived Effort or Heart Rate zones.

"There is a summer series of spring distance triathlons at the local recreation center that has a small lake with a beachfront for the swim and trails for the bike and run.  It usually has about 100 participants.  With David's training, I came out of the water 8th.  I threw my chain on the trail but since he had me practice the "what ifs," I knew what to do to quickly replace it and get going again.  Despite that, I was able to finish in the top half of the finishers."

— Hank D., 55

Hi I just wanted to reach out say thanks for the great quality coaching service you provide your clients. We survey all of the athletes that inquire with TrainingPeaks about wanting to hire a coach and your name was mentioned in survey responses as being a great coach to work with. I appreciate the hard work as it also reflects well on the TrainingPeaks Coach Match service we offer to athletes.

I hope your business is going well and thanks again,
— Dirk Friel,, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist